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Snow Days

We didn’t have any official snow days this winter period! However, there was one day in the week beginning 21st Jan where despite our head’s best efforts to keep the school open, about half the students did not come in. … Continue reading

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Early half term

We’ve seen a pattern that doesn’t seem to fit the national schools data for the weeks following our half term. Perhaps this is because our half term seemed to be a week earlier than a lot of other schools?

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The relationship between Year 9 data and illness absence data nationwide

Looking at our schools aggregated absences, there is a slight correlation with the data from all schools in England. However, due to a small sample at our school than national, there is more fluctuation, which makes the trend difficult to … Continue reading

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Relationship between Year 11 absence data and national illness absence data

The collected data seems to indicate an overall trend which correlates roughly with the national data. However, the data for our school seems to be generally lower than that of the national average which could be explained by the attitude … Continue reading

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Analysing illness absence trends

The data for our school fluctuates a lot so it is hard to see a clear trend but if a curve of best fit was drawn, it could be deduced that there was a rise in absences as the number … Continue reading

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Comparison between Year 8 illness absence data and national rates of illness absence

The data collected for year 8’s seems to be following the national average, with most weeks below other schools. There is however intervals where the number of illness absences of year 8’s at our school seem to exceed the national … Continue reading

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Peak in absence data

There certainly appears to be a peak in our absence data before the peak in the national flu data. However, the general increase seems to more or less match that of the national flu data. Unfortunately, the school Christmas holidays have … Continue reading

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Anecdotal evidence

Sometimes we hear the term ‘anecdotal evidence’ which is ‘evidence’ based on individuals’ own views and experiences. Is it really evidence? No – have a think about why. The reason I bring it up is that over the week or … Continue reading

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Half term

Our half term is different to many other schools. We will therefore have no data for the week commencing 11th February 2013.

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The doctors reults are delayed in comparason to the school data

Generally, before people go to the doctors, they wait two or even three weeks as they arent sure if it will be worth going as if its just a cold it will shift in a few days. This means that … Continue reading

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Actual Illness

I think that from the absence data it is hard to tell which of the cases are actually relevant to the flu research, as some may be different illnesses or reasons for not being at school, such as family reasons. So … Continue reading

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First half term

This year has started following the pattern we saw last year.  Absences were very low at the beginning of the year (presumably a combination of well-rested students and a “fresh start” mentality). The national GP data has only started kicking … Continue reading

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SAMPLE: Using the XY graph

Scanning through the weeks on the x-y scattergraph there seems to be a correlation between the number of students and the illness but it seems to come and go. When the pattern is present, it seems that the more students … Continue reading

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SAMPLE STUDENT: Year 8s have been ill..

I thought a lot of the year 8’s have been ill, but actually, when I look at the data, the illness due to absence is no higher than it was a month ago. So I could just be noticing that … Continue reading

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SAMPLE STUDENT: Sixth form absences..

The flu data from our school has a lot of variation. The graph from each individual year group wobbles around a lot. On the whole the lower school year groups seem to have slightly less illness absence than the sixth … Continue reading

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SAMPLE STUDENT: Start of the new year..

In our school, the number of people absent due to illness started off very low in the first few weeks. This could be down to people being rested from the holidays or it could be that there is less illness … Continue reading

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Possible errors in the data?

We’ve started collecting our data and  just wanted to double check an issue with you. We’re entering the number of half day absences due to illness but doesn’t this introduce inaccuracies if we’re not clear as to whether the number equates … Continue reading

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Week 9 – February 27, 2012 – solver123

the wales total is lower than our school total

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Week 9 – February 27, 2012 – password

year 8 has the highest flu level in our school

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Week 9 – February 27, 2012 – phrud

Most of the peaks of illness appear to be localised rather than across the whole country.

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