University College London

Dr Rob Aldridge

Rob is a public health doctor in the NHS, but is also an academic clinical fellow at UCL’s centre for infectious diseases epidemiology. Rob works on respiratory infections such as influenza and tuberculosis, particularly trying to find new ways to better diagnose and help engage with these very vulnerable populations so that they get a better deal from health services than at present. Rob also does a bit of teaching in epidemiology and public health on a number of courses at UCL.

Rob will be working with a team of colleagues from UCL on Decipher My Data: Flu!


Shane McCracken – Executive Producer

Shane is the Director of Gallomanor Communications Ltd, which he set up in 2001. He’s an ex-advertising executive and later television executive, with a degree in business management. He created the ‘Get me out of here!’ format for online engagement and is generally responsible for the smooth running of Decipher My Data.


Declan Fleming – Teacher Consultant

Declan is a chemistry teacher at Pates School, Cheltenham. He has worked as a school teacher fellow for the Royal Society of Chemistry at the University of Bath and runs numerous outreach activities. Declan came up with the idea for I’m a Scientist, Decipher My Data and works on the school side of the project.


Web Builder: Mike Little of zed1

Web Builder: Mike Little of zed1

Mike Little did an amazing job building the original I’m a Scientist site, and he’s taken it even further with the Decipher My Data site. They’re incredibly complex site ‘doing things with WordPress that no-one has ever done before’. Mike is one of the founding developers of the WordPress project, so we knew we were in capable hands. is a web development company specializing in WordPress-based web site solutions.


Designer: Dot Design

Our graphics guru on Decipher My Data has been designer Gareth Coxon, of Dot Design. Gareth has been our designer since the start of the I’m a Scientist project and has designed everything from the logos and branding for the entire project, to the individual pages on the website. Also, he never complained, however contradictory, confusing, or downright stupid our briefs were.


Site Styling: Andrew Beeken

Andrew takes the site skeleton that Mike builds and Gareth’s designs and magically makes the site look and feel how we want! He translates the technical specification and graphics into what you see now. Andrew is a website designer/develop who has extensive experience using WordPress, which is handy for Decipher My Data.

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