Consent form sent in finally

I’ve been so busy with all the usual business at the start of term I nearly forgot to return my consent form. The head was able to OK it on the spot. Now I just need to get it sent back and get our lovely absence officer to send me over the first month’s absence details from the script we now have on our system.

Friends have been asking me about whether there is any data yet as a lot of people have been ill in their schools and I’m already seeing a lot of Facebook and Twitter statuses talking about people getting ill. It’s likely that what’s going around is just part of the baseline level of illness we established last season but it will be interesting to see for sure – especially as many see people around them getting ill and immediately assume that there must be something big happening!

The only way to know what’s going on is to get as many people uploading their data as possible. Now’s the time!

If you have any questions, leave a reply (below), email us, or give us a ring.

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