What’s changed?

We ran this project over the winter of 2011/12 expecting normal levels of flu. That didn’t happen and levels of flu remain outside of our control.

However there are some things within our control that we can change to make the project better for you:

  • Consent forms – there is no longer a need to inform parents about the project nor to provide them with an opt out.
  • Data collection timing – We would like to start collecting data from 1st October and ideally you will upload fresh data every week. We appreciate that this might not be possible but please do upload what you can when you can. If we notice from other schools data that an outbreak is possible then we will email you to ask to upload your latest data and alert you to the potential outbreak.
  • Lab-logs and reports visibility – we will make Lab Logs and your reports visible to the public. As before you’ll want to avoid putting school details into the report but it means you can share the project with people who are not directly taking part



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