Decipher my Data, Flu! Final evaluation report

Click the picture to access to the full report

Click the picture to access to the full report

After two years, we have written an evaluation report to find out what worked and what didn’t work with “Decipher my Data: Flu!”

The project wasn’t successful in terms of the number of schools involved or the amount of interactions.  However, Dr Rob was able to complete his analysis of the data provided by twenty-seven schools over the 2 school years and he wrote an academic paper to be submitted to different journals. Still, as it usually happens in real science, the results aren’t completely conclusive and more research is needed in the area.

Considering all circumstances, Decipher my Data: Flu! has served us as a pilot for future Decipher my Data projects. We now are aware of its weaknesses and strengths, which we will put to good use.

If you are curious to read the full evaluation report, you can find it here (PDF).

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