XY Scatter graph

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  • Week: You can analyse any week. We recommend looking at the week with the biggest peak in national school absence so far, as this will indicate whether an increase in school absence data (and perhaps flu) correlates to key variables, such as age of school buildings. Note: The time trend analysis graph shows that school absence and national flu haven’t peaked yet.
  • Data quality: If there are less than 5 data points, we recommend you don’t analyse the scatter graph, as the data quality is low.
  • Correlations: Can you spot any correlations between the variables and the school absence data, if so, how good is the correlation? Read more about Analysing the Data in Lesson Plan Two.
  • Anomalies: Can you spot any anomalies in the data? If you think there might be something strange going on, Ask the Scientists and Dr Rob will get back to you with his thoughts.
  • LabLogs: Teachers and students can record observations, explanations and comments on the quality of data in the LabLog. These will help with writing the school report at the end of the project. (Coming shortly)

WARNING – Please read the following about the data on this graph:

The XY scatter graph you’re looking at is a live summary of the data we’re collecting. We are making this information available only to teachers and students with Flu! accounts. As this is a research project, we don’t yet know what the data is telling us, we’re still deciphering that. Because of this you need to be very cautious when looking at the graph.

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